Handmade Hybrid Florida Cow Whip

Custom Hybrid Florida Cow Whip


There are handmade whips and then there are “REAL” handmade whips. We have been making whips for over 20 years, and have sent them across the country and across the globe. Many customers are repeat customers; only wanting the very best when it comes to their whip choice. We are very proud to offer our “Hybrid” version of the Florida Cow Whip, crafted and created by Jeff ‘Tigger’ Erhardt. Through our special braiding and plaiting process, the Hybrid Florida Cow Whip, cracks with the easy of a Cow Whip, is forgiving like the Australian Stock Whip, and accurate like the American Style Bull Whip!  All whips are made of 100% American Nylon Paracord.  This is a much stronger and economic way of building whips. Leather is beautiful and wonderful to crack, but leather also requires maintenance. The Hybrid Cow Whips are virtually maintenance-free!
Leadtime on whips will be 4-6 weeks.
The Hybrid Florida Cow Whips handmade by Jeff 'Tigger' Erhardt are built in a 4 step process: First is a weighted core. This helps with the ease of cracking and roll out, plus eliminates the "wet noodle" feel that some whips have. Second is a paracord belly. The formula of the core and the belly is specific to the finished length of the whip. Third is the overlay. This is the color(s) that you select your finished product to be plaited in. Fourth, each whip is dipped in wax to help seal the paracord making it last longer.
When ordering your Hybrid Florida Cow Whip, it is important to understand how whips are measured. Whips are measured from braided tip to braided tip.  For example, our 6' Hybrid Florida Cow Whip has a braided thong that is 6 feet long. The handle is 16 inches, the fall is 24 inches, and the cracker is 6 inches.  The total length from handle to fall is 9 1/2 feet, but the braided portion is only 6 feet long. Keep the braided length in mind when you are making your decision about how long of a whip to purchase. Plus, consider where you are going to be using your whip.
For example: if you are going to be in tight quarters, then a 6' whip is more for you. If you are going to be driving cattle or gathering rogue bulls, then a 10 or 12 foot whip may be more of what you are looking for.  Regardless, don't ever be afraid to reach out to us and we will walk you through the process of which whip is right for you!

CAUTION!!! Our Hybrid Cow Whips are not toys!  They are a functioning tool.  The cracker travels over 700mph and breaks the sound barrier, resulting in a mini sonic boom, hence the crack.  Always exercise caution, know your surroundings, where long sleeves and eye protection and even a wide brimmed hat is recommended upon first use.  Do not drag your whip through the mud and slop.  This only wears out the cracker and the fall of your whip.  Livestock will move away from the sound of the whip, which is its intended purpose.

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